Union protests in Meknes against unpopular government elections and outrageously high prices

Dozens of citizens staged a sit-in outside the Democratic Confederation of Labor headquarters in Meknes on Sunday to protest against the “continuation of scandalous high prices.”

The stand was produced in response to a call from the leadership of the Democratic Confederation of Labor, its activists and the general public, to protest against β€œthe rise in the prices of basic materials and fuels and the deterioration of purchasing power ”.

Protesters in Meknes launched slogans denouncing the high prices of fuel and basic materials, demanding the protection of citizens’ purchasing power and criticizing the “unpopular choices of the government, which deepened class differences and destroyed all gains”.

The union protests against the restriction on the exercise of union rights and freedoms through the adoption of what it described as “retaliatory measures” and the expulsion of officials from union headquarters, and the alleged delay in granting receipts for the filing of files after the renovation or constitution of the union offices.

The union also accuses the Akhannouch government of failing to comply with its obligations to download the social pact and activate the agreement of April 30, 2022, especially in the aspect related to improving income through a general increase in wages, reviewing the sections of the income tax and approve a new promotion grade.