Mountain tourism support shelter in “Asfalu”, Taounate districts – Day 24

Not far from the center of the two communities, Tahr al-Souq and Tamdet in Taounat, is the famous “Asfalu” dam, surrounded by high mountains, and its surroundings adorned with fruit trees. The site is also considered a tourist destination for Visitors from inside and outside the country.

Despite the enormous “panoramic” capabilities of the place, the lack of basic tourist infrastructure, in recent years, has been bothering visitors and hindering the progress of tourism development in the region, especially in the face of official voices asking for support for the mountain. tourism, and to allow tourist sites to meet the conditions.

In this context, the project of Saeed Al-Daflawi, a young man from the region, came with him, with whom I cooked up the idea of ​​establishing a tourist lodge on the “Asfalu” dam over a silent fire, since 2003, but the lack of a electrical network in the region, during those years, delayed the materialization of the idea, before seeing the light recently.

Saeed revealed, in statements to “Al-Youm 24”, that the tourist lodge overlooking the “Asfalu” dam was imposed due to the need of the region, and the need to advance its development, since the demand of visitors of the “Asfalu” The dam, and the surrounding tourist sites, collided with the obstacle of accommodation, food and other tourist facilities, for which it is necessary to start the execution of the project, creating a tourist lodge that meets the needs of tourists, and promote the philosophy of mountain tourism in Taounate, and the country in general.

The tourist lodge, according to Saeed Al-Daflawi, includes a cafeteria, a restaurant and a night suite which is in the process of completing its construction. It will also include in the future an underground floor for car parking, a large meeting room, a green space and a boat for children, to meet the requests of visitors who have begun to go to the Asfalu Dam refuge.

In order to encourage a visit to the “Asfalu” dam site, Saeed embarked on diversifying the paragraphs of its tourism program.