The Inezgane gendarmes mobilize their forces to stop the expansion of drug trafficking in Oued Souss – Day 24

Informed sources told Al-Youm 24 that the surroundings and sides of Oued Souss and Mazar Forest have become known for a large dispersal, days ago, of security forces affiliated with the Royal Gendarmerie Judicial Center in Inezgane. , every night, to surround the phenomenon of drug trafficking after the area became a hotbed for criminals and with a history of drug trafficking and smuggling.

According to the same sources, the repeated security operations in the area have led to the arrest of several people investigated in various cases, including two suspected of being involved in cases related to drug trafficking, before being subjected to theoretical surveillance measures. in compliance with the instructions of the Public Ministry.

On the other hand, similar gendarmerie operations in the same place revealed the arrest of a person in possession of a large amount of hashish, after he tried to escape on a motorcycle, before being arrested and referred for investigation by order of the Ministry. Public. Competent Public Ministry.