Some 30,000 companies borrowed about 8 billion dirhams as part of the “Intilaaqah” program – Day 24

Contractor companies obtained 48,913 loans for the benefit of 29,483 contractors, for a total amount of more than 7.9 billion dirhams, as part of the “Intilaaqah” program launched by the government to support young entrepreneurs and accompany them through the economic cycle.

These data were contained in a document that the Ministry of Finance delivered to the deputies and which was entitled “Data and data required by the parliamentary teams and groups in the Chamber of Deputies.”

The program is expected to create 101,638 job opportunities from its launch in February 2020 to the end of June 2022.

A parliamentary report criticized the program, in the sense that the response to the application files does not take into account, as required, the quality and sustainability of the projects.

The report indicated that the response and approval rate of applications with little funding “is much more important and approved than the files of projects that require relatively more funding, although the latter projects have a greater economic impact and greater sustainability and They employ young people. at regional level”.

He attributed the reasons for banishing these projects to “the overwhelming obsession with managing the financial endowments of these applications, which limits the effectiveness and efficiency of this ambitious program.”

The report was completed by the temporary thematic group, which was chaired by the parliamentarian of the National Group of Independents team, Abed Badel, and was commissioned to prepare a report to prepare the annual evaluation session of public policies related to youth during the period from 2017 to 2021.