We are the only country that has given subsidies to fuel professionals, and it will reach 500 billion in 2022 – Day 24

Mustafa Paytas, delegate minister in charge of relations with Parliament and official government spokesman, has indicated that Morocco is the only country that has allocated aid to transport professionals, and that it will reach about 5,000 million dirhams (500,000 million cents). by the end of the current year.

In the press conference that followed the weekly government meeting, Thursday, the minister said that the subsidy contributed to the stability of public transport prices and the maintenance of the same prices of raw materials and food.

The official stressed that the government did not support the holders of the authorizations, but rather the vehicles registered with the Ministries of the Interior and Transport.

The minister considered that if someone wants to openly grant direct support for fuel, “please tell us where we get 100 billion centimeters from. It is the budget of the ministries of health and education for next year.”

Paytas concluded that the government is “between two fires, maintaining balance and at the same time implementing measures to maintain price stability.”