Inauguration of a blood purification center in Taounate and appointment of employees with royal decorations – Day 24

On Thursday, the governor of the Taounate region oversaw the inauguration of the Hemodialysis and Kidney Disease Center in the city center, which was completed by a private sector investor with a total budget of 5.5 million dirhams.
Labor interests revealed that the capacity of this center, which is supervised and supervised by 18 doctors and paramedics, is estimated at 96 beds, and the number of blood filtering devices to be put into operation is 11, and this project will be falls within the framework of efforts to promote investment, in compliance with royal instructions.
In the same context, and in commemoration of the 67th anniversary of Independence, the district worker supervised, at the labor headquarters, and in the presence of personalities from the region, the issuance of four employees who work in each of the labor interests, the pashawiya of the city, and the community of Taounate, with royal decorations on the occasion of Throne Day 2022, while overseeing the inauguration of the new administrative headquarters of the community of Arghiwa, for which a total financial endowment of around of 1.1 million dirhams assigned, financed by the General Directorate of Territorial Communities of the Ministry of the Interior, and the community of Arghiwa.