Educational Frameworks Refuse To Guard Academy Staff Recruitment Match On Sunday – Day 24

The educational frameworks in the Taounate district, specifically Al-Wehda Qualifying High School and Al-Nahda Preparatory School, have expressed their refusal to schedule the exam for the staff of the regional academies on Sunday, November 27, because it falls on a day festive.

Those who refrained from guarding the recruitment party signed a protest petition, and demanded compliance with the legal requirements related to the hiring of the worker on the day off, and that one of their constitutional rights not be extinguished, under pain of facing any action on your part. the guardians of the sector against the right of the boycotters to resort to justice.

In another context, the Union of the Democratic Federation of Labor demanded, in correspondence addressed to the Minister of National Education, Primary Education and Sports, to change the date of the ordinary meetings for the selection of personnel of the regional education and training academies, because it coincided with the match of the national team in the World Cup in Qatar.