Experts, politicians and unionists warn about the “failures” and “bewilderments” of the Finance Law 2023 – Day 24

Experts and trade unionists, who participated in a study day organized by the National Union of Union Workers of Morocco, this Saturday, in the second room, on the 2023 Finance Law project and social commitments, warned of the confusion that defines the priorities of the Finance Law, especially between the provisions of its general guidelines and what has been done, evidencing the lack of credibility of the assumptions stipulated in the finance regulatory law, and its avoidance of creating jobs that guarantee the dignity of the citizen.

The meeting, which was inaugurated by union leaders, in which Idris Al-Azmi, former Delegate Minister for the Budget, referred to the confusion that defines the priorities of the Finance Law between what is established in its general guidelines and what was implemented, revealing the lack of credibility of the hypotheses provided in the Organic Law of Finance.

Al-Azmi also warned that there are many problems facing the social protection workshops, and called for the correction of some of their imbalances, before expecting that the programming approved for this project in the Finance Law will falter if the problem is not corrected. affair.

For his part, the economist Tayeb Aais, warned in his speech that the Finance Law lacks fiscal justice, especially with regard to corporate tax, and the lack of respect for national accounting and the mechanisms provided for by law to establish tax justice, whether financial or spatial, which is a decision that must be implemented. According to Eas, one of the authorities concerned with applying the law to all, previously also pointed out the absence of an evaluation of public policies, especially at the level of investment, which is the problem that required the need to correct it.

Mustafa Al-Ibrahimi, MP and member of the Justice and Development parliamentary group in the House of Representatives, also pointed to some of the known imbalances in the social protection workshops, especially regarding the lack of sufficient diligence on the part of the government. to increase the legislative arsenal.

He stressed that the Akhannouch government did not respect the procedural programming that came in the legal framework that regulates social protection.

Al-Ibrahimi referred to the deficiencies of the Finance Law and the failure to create jobs that guarantee the dignity of the citizen, pointing out in this sense the great weakness of the Forsa and Orash programs, and the government’s retraction of its promise to create a million jobs.