Parliament asks how Akhannouch government will secure strategic reserve of energy materials

The agenda for the weekly session of oral questions to the House of Representatives for tomorrow Monday includes a question for the Al-Ahrar team on the “strategic national reservoir of medical supplies and health products.”

The question addressed to Health Minister Khaled Ait Taleb is among 12 questions, including “not approving and publicizing the reference price in private clinics” for the Social Democratic Constitutional Team, “activating the role of central inspection committees in all health institutions. for the Independent Team, and “the great shortage of specialized doctors and equipment in public hospitals” of the Socialist Group.

While Al-Bijidi’s Parliamentary Group directs a question on “securing the strategic national stock of energy materials” to Minister for Energy Transition and Sustainable Development, Laila Benali, as part of 5 questions, including “the outcome of the rehabilitation of landfills” for the “Bam” team and “recurring power cuts in rural areas” for the socialist group.

Likewise, 10 questions will be addressed to the Minister of Equipment and Water, Nizar Baraka, among which are “breaking the isolation of the population in a difficult situation” for the “Progress and Socialism” team, “measures taken to develop the road network” for the movement team, and “coping with the effects of flooding” for the “Bam” team.

While the Minister of Family, Solidarity and Social Inclusion, Awatef Hiyar, will answer 4 questions, among them “improve the status of workers in the National Cooperation Foundation” for the BAM team, “establish a new evaluation system of disability in Morocco” for the Al-Ahrar team, and “the status of the elderly in Morocco” for the constitutional team.