A civil initiative to strengthen the roads in a remote village, the outskirts of Tiznit – Day 24

The “Twizy” initiative made it possible to build a road lane in the middle of a remote village on the outskirts of Tiznit, after the contribution of the people of the region and their training to break the isolation of the roundabout and ensure the movement of suffering citizens afflictions during the rainy season, as roads are cut off due to torrential rains and mud.

Hassan Afriad, head of the An-Najah Association for Development and Cooperation at the Ashfoudun Izdar roundabout in the Sahel community, Tiznit region, said: “The initiative came to activate the annual program of the association and as a continuation of the twizi initiative. , in which all the residents of Al-Madashhar participated, including the women, in order to complete the project to reinforce and repair the road that runs through the center of the town”.

The spokesman said that the volunteers of the men and women of the town determined a few days ago to repair the rest of this vital road lane, which would break the isolation of the town, pending the completion of the construction of the rest of the remaining road. lanes in the area, while the first phase related to tiling was used with the support of the City Council. The regional project is within the framework of an alliance that unites the latter with the association carrying the project.