Lawyers in their greatest strongholds decide to continue the strike while opening the door to dialogue with the government

The Casablanca Bar Council, a decision-making body, decided to continue the ongoing protests against a government project to audit lawyers.

The lawyers of this judicial party, and after holding a meeting of the General Assembly, on Monday, as announced in a statement issued by the authority, will continue to stop work like other protests.

However, the Casablanca Bar Association expects a dialogue “with the competent authorities” to reach “satisfactory solutions” regarding the form of taxes introduced by the finance bill, “taking into account the privacy of the legal profession and the rights of the citizen,” according to the statement.

In Rabat, where his authority convened a large assembly of lawyers this Monday, the result was the same, since it was highlighted that the “total and complete stoppage of work” would continue, as announced by the Council of the Illustrious Bar Association. in Rabat last week.