Moroccan cafes and restaurants boycott Hafid Darraji’s comment on the World Cup matches – Day 24

The National Association of Owners of Cafés, Restaurants and Tourist Units of Morocco called on its members not to put the voice of the Algerian sports commentator Hafid Darraji during the broadcast of the World Cup matches in Qatar on the BN Sport channels.

He explained that the reason for his call to boycott Draghi is due to his exploitation of this media platform to spread hate speech which he is trying to instill in the hearts of children and young people instead of purifying the hearts and purifying them of hate and division, and instead of establishing a spirit of brotherhood and solidarity.

It is striking that a controversial tweet that Draghi published through his personal Twitter account in the summer of 2021, in which he stated that although Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid, during his visit to Morocco, expressed his concern about the Algerian rapprochement -Iranian, The Moroccan-Israeli rapprochement is considered normal and current.

He added: “Your concern will inevitably grow, because we will move closer to all those who oppose you, and our western borders will not open, after you move closer to them.”

Moroccan journalist Amin al-Sabti, who works for the same channel, described his colleague Draghi as a “hired pen” and a “dishonest enemy”.

He added: “Our track record as Moroccans in (beIN Sport) is well known, clean and impeccable. None of us has been a client of a particular match.”