A Belgian company inaugurates an aeronautical structure assembly factory in Nouaceur – Day 24

The Belgian company “Sabca” for the aeronautical industry inaugurated a factory for the assembly of aeronautical structures, on a 16,000 square meter piece of land in the Nouasir region, on the outskirts of Casablanca, with an investment of more than 180 million dirhams ( 18 billion centimeters), according to a company statement obtained by “Al Youm 24” in a copy of it.

The opening ceremony was marked by the presence of Tawfiq Musharraf, Secretary General of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, as well as members of the Board of Directors of the Orizio Group, the management of SABCA and representatives of Pilatus.

The Moroccan official welcomed the interest shown by the Belgian group in the Moroccan sector of the aeronautical industry, stressing that the construction of this factory “represents a new era for the Moroccan aeronautical industry, in parallel with the launch of a pioneering activity in our country , related to the design, manufacture and almost complete assembly of the airframe”.

Musharraf stressed that the inauguration of the Belgian factory is “an achievement that reflects the quality and competitiveness of the aviation industry, and the trust that the Kingdom enjoys with global players.”

For his part, Stéphane Burton, CEO of Orizio, SABCA’s parent company, said: “The group is pleased to be able to develop the activities of its subsidiary here in Casablanca, and those of its subsidiary Sabina Ingeniería, participating in the promotion of the ecosystem of the SABCA aircraft industry in Morocco.

The Belgian group affirms: “Fifteen months after signing an important contract for the assembly of the PC-12 structure of the Pilatus company, SABCA reinforces its position as a reference partner in the industry and strategic engineering for the aeronautical industry (civil, military, space and drones), whether maintenance, design, production or innovation.