Lawyers have a major impact on the history of Moroccan justice Modern technologies pose a great challenge for the profession – Day 24

Al-Hassan El-Daki, King’s Prosecutor at the Court of Cassation and Chief Prosecutor, said that the legal profession has contributed to a series of milestones in the history of Moroccan justice, at the service of society’s problems, establishing the democratic path and defending human rights. rights and freedoms. He also played key roles in fueling the national spirit to demand Moroccan independence.

Al-Daki explained, on the occasion of the 31st conference of the Association of Moroccan Bar Associations, under the motto “The Legal Profession in Morocco, a Continuous National Struggle” in the city of Dakhla, on Thursday, that the legal profession, like other legal and judicial professions, faces several challenges in today’s world, which are marked by a set of changes that the world is witnessing due to the accelerated technological and digital revolution that invaded most aspects of daily life, which will affect directly the methods and methods of practicing the profession due to the sweep of artificial intelligence in a group of fields.

This requires, adds the Attorney General, “preparation to face the challenges that the profession will face, in light of the diffusion of advanced modern technology, which requires familiarity with modern communication techniques and modern work methods. Its structure, to enable you to keep up with cultural, economic, social, national and international changes, and the increasing role of digital exchange.

He explained that the importance of the legal profession lies in the enormous trust placed in it in contributing to the establishment of justice, the maintenance of rights and the guarantee of the principle of the rule of law within the framework of the universal principles of justice, which reflect a long road of arduous and continuous work until the legal profession was able to assume its rightful place. Defense has been one of the oldest known rights in human societies since adversities existed.