Paytas presents the Government’s response to the Paris decision to halve Moroccan visas – Day 24

After the French president, Emmanuel Macron, defended, a few days ago, his country’s decision to halve the number of visas granted to Algeria and Morocco, stressing that the policy of firmness in the matter of visas had begun to bear fruit, the official spokesperson for the Moroccan government assured that any question related to this matter “must be presented to the other party, not to the Kingdom of Morocco.

Paytas added, in his response to a journalist’s question at the symposium that followed the weekly government meeting on Thursday: “I am saying this because the government said, if the issue of visas is related to the return of minors, So there are clearly directives from His Majesty the King, and they were directives addressed to the ministers of the interior and foreign affairs, and they worked exactly in compliance with the royal directives.

The Delegate Minister continued: “However, the obstacles caused by administrative matters in the countries where minors are present are those that do not allow the approved pathways to achieve their results.”

He concluded by saying: “If this is the reason, then we have clarified it more than once, and if there is another reason, the question must be asked to the other party to answer.”