The temperature in Tetouan reached more than 5 degrees and the precipitation decreased by 47 percent – ​​Day 24

Nizar Baraka, Minister of Equipment and Water, said that Climate changes had a serious impact on the water level, represented by the increase in temperature, which has increased in recent years.

baraka noted During the session of oral questions in the Council of Advisors, he indicated that during the month of October, the difference in city ​​of Tetouan to 5 degrees, while in most cities the difference did not exceed 3 degrees Celsius.

The minister referred to the speech given by King Mohammed VI, in which he highlighted the water situation in Morocco, given that the country is suffering the worst drought in more than three decades. In this regard, the Minister of Istiqlal revealed that the rains decreased by 47%, before adding that what aggravated the situation is that this situation comes after four consecutive years of drought.

Baraka explained that climate change has a significant impact due to the increase in temperatures, which mainly affects evaporation. The plants are damaged and the negative impact on agriculture, which has a great impact on a social level. Climate change also has a negative impact through the decrease in water imports as a result of the lack of rain.