We seek to accelerate the completion of 16 dams to reach a storage capacity of 124 billion cubic meters – Day 24

Nizar Baraka, Minister of Equipment and Water, said that, in accordance with royal directives, the ministry is working to speed up the completion of 16 dams that are in the process of being completed, which will allow access to 124 billion cubic meters of reserves of Water. .

He explained that Morocco includes 149 dams throughout the Kingdom, indicating during the session of oral questions in the Council of Advisors, the day before yesterday, Tuesday, that the ministry is meeting with the owners of the contractor companies in charge of completing the dams to reduce the period of time for the 16 dams to be ready as soon as possible, which will guarantee what was King Mohammed VI to speed up the pace of completion of these projects and large dams, and allow Morocco to establish the network.

The minister indicated that, according to the royal instructions, the ministry had linked the dams and the hydrographic basins, highlighting in this regard what was decided to be done with regard to the Sebou basin and the Bouregreg basin, this project for which it was signed the deal. , and work on it will begin this week.

When explaining this project, Baraka confirmed that the water that was heading towards the sea through a canal will be used, which will affect the most affected areas. The link project between the Sebú basin and the Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah dam will supply the south and north of Casablanca.