The artist, Angham, is undergoing serious surgery, and the management of her business explains it – Day 24

The Egyptian actress, Angham, underwent emergency surgery, after suffering a health problem, after which she was transferred to the hospital, and there she continues to lie until she recovers, which worried her fans and they commented on social networks asking for his state. .

According to Egyptian media reports, Angham had her uterus removed and she suffered from intestinal paralysis, which made her a “trend” on all social networks and on the “Google” search engine, after announcing that she was suffering from a serious health crisis, after which she was transferred to the hospital.

A statement from the Angham Business Administration confirmed that she is still in the hospital under medical care so far and has tried to fulfill her technical obligations towards her audience in the upcoming term, but these complications had a great impact on her and the doctors. they were forced to keep her in the hospital under medical supervision for a longer period.

The statement added: “We apologize to the public for postponing the artist’s concerts now until her health is stable and you are calm about her… We ask all Angham fans to pray for her speedy recovery.”